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Performance testing: where to get big files on a fat pipe

April 3rd, 2010 admin No comments

One of the best IPv6 performance tests is to simply run basic HTTP or FTP file transfers. This kind of testing can often reveal a lot more about your performance than those popular Java- and Flash-based speed-test widgets. For one thing, you can monitor the transfer in Wireshark and look for odd fragmentation, MTU problems, missing ACKs, and the like. But where to get big files on a fat IPv6 pipe? From, that’s where. Operated by Swedish ISP Tele2 Sverige AB, this site has test files ranging from 100MB to 1TB, accessible via both FTP and HTTP. Yes, it’s download testing only, but that’s where most problems get discovered anyway. I realize this isn’t a Mac-specific site, but Macs have to do performance testing too!

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